Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Finishing Touch: Get Bejeweled Bridal Tips & Trends!

It was so fun to get to meet with Jenn Green of Drea James who is a bit of a local design celeb! She has a line of awesome jewelry, and I absolutely love it when someone is so passionate about what they do! We immediately hit it off when chatting (probably because I was loitering at her table looking googly-eyed at one of the necklaces) and she was kind enough to do an interview with us about some of the hottest trends in bridal and wedding accessories! Read on for the full scoop. And for anyone that knows me, Law & Order is my Achilles Heel of TV... she's bejeweled the show's star Tamara Tunie to boot!

Bridal Jewelry Tips with Jenn Green of Drea James

"What's your number one recommendation when it comes to pairing your wedding gown neckline with a necklace?"

You want your jewelry to accent you, to add something...not to be a distraction. Sometimes less is more, but depending on not just the neckline, but material of the gown, hair style, your shape and size - it's very fun to go more Hollywood glamour and put a bit of sparkle and glitz together.

"How do you recommend working in a family piece of jewelry that doesn't quite match your style into your wedding day attire?"

By adding chain and stones that do match the look and feel, I can usually make a piece blend in. Having a bit of contrast can really be quite stylish. I had one bride give me her grandmother's old ring to repurpose into a pendant for a necklace. She wrapped it around her bouquet during the ceremony.

"Have any mother of the bride jewelry and style recommendations?"

Everyone is so unique - I don't think there are overall "rules" that anyone should follow. I find that most mothers of the bride or the groom want to go understated - but it's all about what their personalities are and if it fits with the brides vision.

"What's the biggest trend you see happening in bridal jewelry for fall and spring 2011?"

I'm not a true believer in trends, since so many of them repeat and are present at any given time. I prefer to go for timeless, something that the bride and bridal party can wear over and over again. I do follow the Pantone color forecasts. I'm looking forward to incorporating hints of corals, tropical blues, pine greens, golds with pale blushes, light purple/greys, and purples for fall. Red is a fantastic accent color for fall too. Spring 2011 has a lot of very bold colors coming on board, but also some beautiful soft hues - an orange sherbet, lawn - pistachio light green, sea green - a cool sky blue, more gold, orchid - a hue slightly darker than light pink, and brick. I think using vintage components, fabrics and feathers will continue to be very popular as well.

Thanks so much for letting us in on the hottest scoop, Jenn! Check out her ready-to-wear and custom wares at Drea James!


photo: drea james (vintage Audrey)

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  1. Great tips. Thank you for, as always, being my "timeless" accessory muse!